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DNA Upgrade

Everything has happened and there is no need to understand it all or why things have to be a certain way…we are only in control of our own emotions, actions, thoughts, choices and reactions.

Eye understand NOW that ALL that is withIN me is manifesting more intensely around me. What a wonderful feeling to be so awake to the dream reality eye have created in order to learn, grow, and put my knowledge into intentional action.

All that eye need, want, desire, require is in front me. More apparent…the more eye become authentic and allow transparency to express thru me, the more eye am gifted with deeper insight on navigating my path.

Eye feel my DNA speaking to itself and the rush of regenerating withIN to align more with the higher frequencies. The motto I’ll carry in this intuition UPgrade is that every breath is intent, breathing in good light and love….releasing old  junk, stagnant Fear based energy, anything that weighs down (basically creating positively charged life force energy by the simplicity of breathing)

Transformative Breathe! All else shall come to PASS….trust in your intentional breath of life, and from there, Do, Say, or don’t Do ot say (depending on your new intuitive nature) With this awareness you inch closer to understanding that YOU are in Your own control.

-AgentRoseWater- (BlueAvian)